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Last Revised: 23 May 2024

What is the Refund Policy?

At, our mission is to enhance your shopping experience by making it enjoyable, easy, and efficient, ensuring you can swiftly attend events. Our purchase policies are designed to guarantee your satisfaction and provide clarity on the workings of If you have any inquiries about the information presented, feel free to contact us. The Purchase Policy is subject to our Terms of Use, and each ticket purchase serves as a license to attend the specified event, subject to additional terms outlined on the ticket.

Currency: All ticket prices for events are listed in Egyptian Pounds (EGP).

Payment Methods: accepts various payment methods for your convenience, including Visa, MasterCard, and ValU.

Transaction Parties: acts as an intermediary for event providers, such as venues, teams, artist representatives, fan clubs, promoters, and leagues. When purchasing a ticket for an event in Egypt, handles the transaction and collects the ticket price on behalf of the event provider.

Pricing and Availability: sells tickets on behalf of event providers, and as such, we do not set ticket prices or determine seating locations. Tickets are available through various distribution points, including websites, call centers, retail locations, and box offices. Popular event tickets may sell out quickly, and additional tickets may become available before the event. does not control ticket inventory or availability.

Order Confirmation: After completing an order, the system generates an order confirmation via a confirmation page or email. If you don’t receive a confirmation number after submitting payment information, you must confirm with our Customer Service Department to ensure your order’s approval and placement. It is your responsibility to address any potential issues during the purchasing process.

Handling Charges: A small non-refundable handling charge is typically added to each order placed online, through the call center, or at a retail outlet. If you opt for ticket delivery to your address, an additional delivery fee will be applied (applies to theater tickets only).

Retail Outlet Fee: A fixed non-refundable outlet fee is added to each ticket purchased at an authorized TicketsHaus Retail Outlet.

Ticket Limits: To prevent unfair ticket buying practices (black market), a “ticket limit” is applied to each event, specifying the maximum number of tickets one can purchase.

Cancelled and Postponed Events: Refer to the Canceled/Postponed Events section for our policies on postponed and canceled events, which are integral to this purchase policy.

Refunds and Exchanges: Policies set by our clients (event providers) prohibit from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket purchase or for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. Carefully review your event details and seat selections before making a purchase.

Billing Information Verification: Orders are processed only after verifying all billing information. Incorrect credit card information may cause delays. If verification issues arise, our Customer Service will attempt to contact you using the provided information. Failure to respond may result in order cancellation without notice.

Delivery Options: Review our ticket delivery policies in the Delivery Methods section, an integral part of this purchase policy.

Pricing and Other Errors: If you pay an incorrect ticket price due to a mistake on our website or communication error, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the amount paid, regardless of the cause.

Multiple Browser Windows: When ordering tickets on, use only one browser window to search for tickets and place an order to avoid potential issues like losing tickets or timer expiration.

Limitation of Liability: During events, objects may enter the spectator area, and crowd density may cause injuries. Stay alert to potential risks. By purchasing a ticket through, you agree to the terms of this Purchase Policy on behalf of yourself and any accompanying minors.

License; Ejection and Cancellation; No Redemption Value: Event providers reserve the right to refuse admission, eject individuals violating rules, or using vulgar language without a refund. A ticket is a license, terminable for rule breaches, with no redeemable cash value.

Recording, Transmission, and Exhibition: Recording or transmitting events is prohibited. You grant permission to use your image, actions, and statements in any live or recorded event, without further authorization or compensation.

Search Policy: You and your items may be searched on entry. Refusing searches may result in denial of entry without a refund.

Unlawful Re-Sale of Tickets; Commercial Purposes: Tickets purchased from may not be resold unlawfully. Unauthorized resale may lead to cancellation without compensation. Using tickets for promotions or sweepstakes requires written authorization from the event provider, and additional approval is needed for using trademarks and intellectual property.

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